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Donor Option
If your employer is a United Way contributor, you can designate your donation to go directly to Bethany House. Just ask your United Way representative for a Donor Option card. We greatly appreciate your help.












We’re so glad you asked! Bethany House is always looking for people who share our values and support abundant life — People who understand it is better to give than receive. People who realize “sacrifice” brings joy… Read more about sacrifice

There are so many ways to partner with Bethany House. First and foremost — PRAY — yes, pray! God can accomplish the impossible. Nothing is too hard for our Creator. You can find an updated prayer list located on our home page. Go to prayer list

In addition, you may want to consider one of three practical ways to get involved: Giving of your Time, Talents, or Treasure. What we truly value is reflected by how we use our time, what we do with our talents, and how we spend our treasure.

– often referred to as volunteering, has become priceless in recent years. With schedules jammed full of appointments, meetings, and more and more stuff, we find ourselves challenged to make good use of what little free time we have. What could be more satisfying than giving time to a program that brings life change to women and children? Learn more about giving time

are those activities, skills, or areas of expertise that we can offer to someone else. Everyone has a talent; some people have many. Our talents can be used to bless others, while giving us the satisfaction of sharing what we enjoy and are good at. Talents can obviously cross into the Time Category, as teaching or sharing a talent will take time. Be creative! If you want to teach something or share a talent with our residents, just call. We’d love to hear your idea. Learn more about sharing your talents

– more commonly referred to as money, is one thing that every person at one time or another thinks about, some people more often than others. We all have varying degrees of treasure (money) and different attitudes about giving. Simply stated, some of us are more willing than others to share or sacrifice a portion of our treasure in order to help others. Amazingly, there are individuals who can easily donate $20,000 to a cause they embrace, and others, who by giving $10.00 will have stretched their resources. Think about this…

What if every person reading this gave just $10.00, $20.00, or even $100.00 a month? The results would be significant. When we give generously and sacrificially to something we believe in, we are rewarded emotionally, spiritually, and, ultimately, financially. For when we give we can expect to receive. (Please Note: All financial gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.) Learn more about sharing your treasure


Treasure can also come in the form of in-kind material donations and gifts. Bethany House has been honored to receive some of the loveliest homemade items around. A few examples: Quilts, baby clothing, scarves, craft items, handbags, jewelry … etc.) We have a Needs List that will help you determine what things our program currently needs. (Please Note: All in-kind donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.) Review the Needs List