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director of bethany house

Beth Rhinehart


Beth Bethany House’s Founder and Executive Director started Bethany House in 1986 when she realized, while working as a counselor for Birthright, that pregnant young women did not have enough resources available, especially affordable, safe housing options. Since its creation, Bethany House has served over 700 women and children. Beth remains at the program’s helm, using her expert management and leadership skills to guide the program through changing times, helping young women become all they can be. Her desire is to be the healthy mother figure many of these girls didn’t have. Beth has been married for over 25 years, and has two sons and four granddaughters, and has adopted several young women from the program. Her dedication to homeless, pregnant women and their infants is unwavering, and only seems to increase as time goes on. Click here to review Beth's resume.

outreach coordinatorCarol

Carol Outreach Coordinator and Assistant to Beth Rhinehart has an extensive background in social services, including addiction and restoration counseling, as well as career development services. Carol also serves as the agency’s spokesperson, and partners with Beth as a Case Manager for Bethany House’s residents. She is a published author and travels throughout the Pacific NW and beyond to speak at women’s events. Her heart to help wounded women find hope and healing in Christ led her to Bethany House. Visit her website to learn more : Click here to review Carol's resume.



Welcome to the Bethany House program
We’d like to take you on a journey through our life-saving program — a program that has been carefully designed to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of single women who are pregnant with nowhere to turn. Our website gives you an opportunity to tour our home, meet some of our residents, and discover the many ways you can get involved in helping young mothers and their children.

Bethany House has remained committed to providing a loving Christian environment for over 27 years. Our program allows young, wounded women to embrace emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, renewed hope, and a (forgive the cliché) a whole new lease on life. This new life-lease can lead to freedom from old harmful habits and addictions, improved life skills, enhanced employment and educational opportunities, greater confidence, better communication techniques, and the ability to love and parent a child successfully. Our program is individually tailored to each woman’s distinctive needs and issues, making goals attainable for our residents.

So, please get comfortable; take some time to and learn about our program…about us.