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“I learned time management, communication skills and much, much more. I know my faith is much stronger now...” – Jessica



















Twins: Two to Love: Jessica’s Story

March of 2008, I thought I was doing really well. I had found a good job as a live-in nanny in Portland and I was on my own, until I met the “great” guy that swept me off my feet; I took things too fast. I ended up moving in with him when I was no longer needed at my job and I gave away my virginity. I have always had a lot of problems in the past with self esteem and I thought here is someone who loves me for me, or so he said. I felt what I was doing was wrong but I did it anyway. I tried to run away from God and my family so I left for Texas on a greyhound bus in the middle of the night without telling. Big Mistake. We got to Texas and ended up staying in a rundown house filled with bugs and mice in a not so good neighborhood but I didn’t care because I thought I was with the man I was going to marry and that he would get a job and make us a life there. I was so dead wrong. He had already been through two dead end jobs and was not actively searching for another one. He started smoking pot on a regular basis even though I tried to get him to stop and he started having two personalities. I would be talking to a sweet loving guy, and then I would say something wrong and he would just flip out and yell at me even hit me at times.

Then came the day I found out I was pregnant with twins and like most girls I thought this would make things better but it didn’t in fact things got worse. With my hormones raging and the mood swings the fighting and violence escalated. It finally took his older sister to tell me that I needed to leave. I told him I was going to stay at her house overnight and of course he flipped out. The next morning I called my father and he got me a plane ticket home for Christmas Day.

I found out later in my pregnancy that one of my twins was going to be physically handicapped having no feet or hands. This situation had taken a toll physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually. I did not want to live with my parents but could not find a job. An elder in my church told me about Bethany House. I had an interview and was accepted into the program. I learned so much from the leadership, staff, and even the other residents. I learned time management, communication skills and much, much more. I know my faith is much stronger now; in fact I rededicated my life to Christ on January 10, 2009, and I want to give my children the best life possible.


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