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Tis the Season

If you're a Bethany House supporter, you've heard us mention the sponsor family program a time or two, or fifty! Why do we keep bringing it up? That's an easy answer: Because it works! And we need more families willing to open their hearts and homes. We understand welcoming a stranger into your home can seem scary, but the rewards far outweigh the risks. If you want to unwrap one of the best gifts the holidays can offer, consider becoming a sponsor family. Continue for reasons why a family decides to sponsor a pregnant woman, or woman and child.


One Sponsor family's message

"Our goal is to relate to one another in love, respect, honesty and humility, and, when we fail, to exhibit grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation. We also strive to put others first, seeking to serve and build up one another. These are the qualities that we will seek to demonstrate toward you and your baby when he/she arrives, and we trust you will seek to do the same toward us."




Letter from the Director
A Note from Beth

I wish I could meet each one of you face to face and share with you the personal success story of each girl who has come through this ministry since 1986. You have helped us restore hope and encouragement to so many. Because of your generosity and kindness these young women have had a safe nurturing home during their pregnancy.

Now we are coming to the end of yet another twelve month cycle. This year will soon become last year, and we are anticipating the exciting "new beginning" that January 2014 will bring for our program and the new women and children who will come to us. We also look forward to a continued partnership with you. Knowing that we are surrounded by such committed individuals, who continue to sacrifice for our residents, confirms that we are doing what God has called us to do.
More holiday greetings and gratitude


Drowning in Despair
Not all our clients want to be identified. We understand, but their stories are still newsworthy.

We'll use "Jill" to represent one young woman who found herself pregnant, alone, addicted to meth, and homeless. She was drowning with no life preserver in sight. Thankfully, with Beth's guidance, your financial support and prayers, Jill completed treatment, had a healthy baby, and is finishing her education. She knows that God has a plan and purpose for her life. Her daughter has a chance for the life Jill has been denied. Abused by a family member, disowned by that same family, she has been adopted into a whole new family – God's family. Our family.

Jill's story is familiar -- a majority of the women we serve experienced abuse or neglect on some level. They were abandoned and alone. They turned to drugs, men, "the world" to heal their hearts, but were instead hurt even more. Bethany House is the life-preserver that helps free them from fear and leads them to freedom.





To make a one-time donation or to become a monthly partner using our secure online giving system, click here.

To reach us by mail:
PO Box 3278
Gresham, OR 97030

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One of our first girls... she thought she may not amount to anything. Today she is married to a great guy, has a great job and has a great family!

Did you know...
This past year we have assisted over 25 women and their children find safe and secure housing, navigate community resources, while providing intensive counseling services and support so desperately needed to make the life changes required for successful living and positive parenting. Your support allows us to continue reaching young women who might otherwise become just another statistic.

Please consider helping us securely online - monthly or as a onetime gift.


The Future of Bethany House … Phase II will offer the following:

  • A comfortable, safe, and highly affordable living space/apartment (rent based on ability to pay/income level.)
  • Access to numerous support services and resources, including spiritual growth programs.
  • Ongoing parenting classes, instruction, and support, with combined life skills development.
  • Individual case management and goal setting.
  • Education planning, support while attending school, and access to computers for homework.
  • Career Development, employment related assistance, guidance, and support.
  • Access to specialized counseling services and groups as needed for personal growth and recovery.
  • Most importantly, clients will experience a loving, nurturing, Christian community of qualified and dedicated staff and volunteers.

united way donations accepted

United Way Giving
If your employer is a United Way contributor, you can designate your donation to go directly to Bethany House. Just ask your United way representative for a Donor Option card!


A Big Thank You
We would like to acknowledge Unequaled Janitorial -- They continued throughout the year not only ministering to our women but continuing to donate supplies and provide essential infant diapers, wipes and more. Thank You!


Our sponsor program
Our sponsor program has proven to be a cornerstone of our current programing, and will continue to be so until the second phase is fully realized. We ask that you would prayerfully consider welcoming a woman into your home. Please review the information here. We recognize this is a big decision, but it is a life changing one that will not only bless the woman in your care, but also bless your family in unexpected ways. Perhaps you are unable to participate in this unique way, but maybe someone you know is. Help us spread the word. Share the mission! Together we can move mountains. Contact us today



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